Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Sunshine State Adoption and Home Study Services?

We have a wonderful reputation throughout Florida and the world. We take great pride in our adoption services and want to build a relationship with you. Most of our social workers are adoptive parents and all of us are compassionate about children’s issues. Because we have been through the process ourselves, we are empathetic to our clients’ needs and anxieties. We’ve completed the same paperwork you will. We’ve had the same questions and concerns you might (or will) have. Beyond our own personal adoption experiences, our social workers have years of professional and practical experience conducting home studies and assisting adoptive parents before and after the adoption placement. Our social workers have conducted educational presentations at seminars for adoption professionals and regularly present classes to adoptive parents on a wide variety of adoption-related issues. In short, we have the professional, personal and educational experience to serve as an invaluable resource to you during your adoption journey.

Preparing for Your Home Study

What are some of the things you’ll be looking for when you come to our home?

It is not a white-glove inspection of your home. We expect your home to be “lived-in.” We’re mainly looking to assure that the home is a safe environment and that you have sufficient room for the child

What Does a Florida Adoption Home Study Entail?

There are different requirements for adopting domestically or internationally, and international requirements can vary depending upon the specific country. Generally, home studies require visit between the social worker and the prospective parents which typically take place in the parents’ home. The social worker will then prepare a written report with an adoption recommendation for the prospective parents. Beyond the actual home study, our social workers will continue to counsel and assist parents as they navigate the paperwork process.

How Long does the Home Study Process Take?

Most home studies are completed within 30 days. This time frame is dependent upon how quickly the adoptive parents secure the paperwork required by the various agencies. In other words, we can complete the home study as quickly as you can provide the paperwork.

Can You Expedite Our Home Study?

It is not uncommon for emergencies/wonderful surprises to occur and in these cases, we can work around-the- clock to expedite a home study so that the adoptive child can be placed in their forever home as quickly as possible. We charge an expedited home study fee, depending on how quickly you need your home study. Please call us to discuss expediting your Florida adoption home study.

How much does a home study cost?

The Florida domestic home study fee is $1,500, and our Florida international home study fee is $2,000. Florida domestic post placement visits/reports are $250 each. Florida international post placement reports are $350 each.

Are pets okay?

We love all animals, especially cute fluffy ones and puppies. There is no need to hide your pet.