Bless These Children

Today’s post is a Guest Post from Eileen W., mother to two children adopted from China. The last few blog posts have focused on things that people say to adoptive parents.  As an adoptive parent myself, reading these posts has made me even more aware of my own answers to questions and comments made by

Guatemala Issues Decree Allowing Families to Finalize Adoptions

In 2007, Guatemala suspended adoptions amid allegations of fraud and deceit, and left dozens of U.S. families who had already been matched with children in limbo.  While the decree is not expected to solve all adoptions that were halted, there are 44 children who will immediately fall under the decree.  Another almost 400 families though

International Adoption Update

2010 International Adoption Statistics - According to the U.S. Department of State, the number of children adopted internationally by Americans fell to a 15-year low in 2010.  This decrease of 13 percent overall resulted in a total of 11,059 adoptions last year.  The top five countries that Americans adopted from are China, Ethiopia, Russia, South

Adopting from Ethiopia

Adopting a child from Ethiopia has become a more popular option, especially as other countries have either halted or slowed down international adoptions.  Over 2,500 children were adopted from Ethiopia in 2010, fostering specific play groups and family groups for those with children adopted from Ethiopia. Children adopted from Ethiopia are usually under

Adopting from Russia

It seems as though adoptions and adoption issues make the news quite often.  Whether it’s about celebrities adopting in far away country or international government power struggles between countries delaying adoptions currently in process.  So what are the options if you’ve decided an international adoption is right for your family? One popular option

Adopting from China

China has been a popular country for international adoptions since 1992 when China first began allowing adoptions of Chinese children by Americans.  During the 2005 at the peak of China adoptions, 7,906 children were adopted from China.  By comparison, only 3,901 were adopted in 2009.  There are many speculative reasons as to why the slow