Adoption Fundraising

So you’ve checked your adoption budget a hundred times, run through your finances and dug under the couch cushions for loose change – but you are still coming up short.  What’s next?  Have you thought about fundraising to pay for your adoption?  Adoption fundraising is a way for friends, family and even strangers

How to Apply for an Adoption Grant

Many families are looking for sources of funding to help cover their adoption costs.  Grants are one source of funding for adoptions, although not everyone will qualify for the grants that are available.    Like the rest of the adoption process – grants require what I call the three “P’s”:  persistence, patience and paperwork! Here

Adoption Grants

Many families are often looking for different ways to help fund their adoption expenses.  Grants are one source of third party funding that many families can utilize.  Not every adoption or family qualifies for grant funding, but it is definitely worth researching so here is some information to get you started. Finding legitimate grant sources

Cost of Adoption

How Much Does It Cost To Adopt? So you’re thinking about adoption.  One of the first questions usually is “How much will it cost?” and secondly “How will we pay for an adoption?”  The cost of an adoption can vary from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.  Discussing the various options