Steps to an Adoption

1. Start your home study

We can begin your home study while you are still in the decision making process. You will need to collect documents for your home study such as background clearances and employment verifications. A complete list of documents can be found on the Forms page. We can schedule your home visit and start completing background checks while you are deciding which adoption route is best for your family.

2. Select your adoption agency for an international adoption or adoption agency or attorney for a domestic adoption

Our agency is nonprofit and licensed by the State of Florida. In compliance with the Florida State Statutes, Sunshine State Adoption and Home Study Services is legally able to provide home study and post adoption services for any adoption agency you select. If you have already selected your attorney or agency, we will be happy to work with them. We can also help guide you in the selection process if you do not have an agency.

3. Finish your home study

4. Complete your dossier for international adoption or your profile for a domestic adoption

The dossier is the paperwork you are completing for your international adoption. Your adoption placing agency will submit your dossier to the country you have chosen to adopt from.

5. Apply for United States Citizenship and Immigration approval

We will help you with this after your home study and dossier are completed. If you are adopting from a Hague Convention Country you will fill out form I 800-A, which can be found at the US Citizenship and Immigration Services webpage, Application for Determination of Suitability to Adopt a Child from a Convention Country. If you are adopting from a non Hague Convention Country, you will fill out form I 600-A, which can be found on the US Citizens and Immigration Services webpage, Application for Advance Processing of Orphan Petition. Your adoption agency will also give you directions and help you fill out these forms.

6. Receive your referral of a child or a match with a birthmother

7. Bring your child home

8. Complete post placement or post adoption visits

A post placement/adoption visit is a visit with your family after your child is home. We are not there to evaluate your parenting skills! This is the fun part where you get to share the joys of having a child in your home. We will ask you about your child’s personality, health, daily routine, and bonding and write a report about your child, which will be submitted to the country your child was adopted from. This is an opportunity to ask your social worker questions about your child’s bonding and any other child development questions you might have. You will need two or three post placement reports for a domestic adoption. Each country has its own requirements for post placement reports when you are home. On average, most countries require from two to four post placement reports.

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