Post Adoption Services

After your child is placed in your home, you will be required to complete post placement reports. The number of reports will vary depending on which country or state you adopt from. Florida requires one post placement report every month until your child’s adoption is finalized, which takes 90 days. International post adoption requirements vary by country.

Post Placement Reports

Just as the State of Florida requires an approved home study to place an adoptive child with their forever family, the State also requires a series of follow-up visits by the initial home study provider/social worker once the adoption placement has occurred.  The purpose of these post placement visits is to assure that the adoptive child and parents are both adapting well to their new environment.  As adoptive parents ourselves, our social workers serve as a valuable post placement resource for the family.

Post Placement Resources

In addition to the support services we provide, we can also put you in touch with local and regional resources specific to your situation, including medical conditions and groups for adoptees from specific countries or regions.

Post Placement Support

As adoptive parents ourselves, our social workers serve as valuable post placement resources for your family. Whether during a post placement visit or anytime you have a concern, feel free to reach out to your assigned social worker. Many issues that may arise are unique to parenting an adopted child, such as bonding, adjustment periods, grieving by the child for a previous foster parent or care giver, adjusting to siblings, language and communication problems and much more. It helps to know you have a support system in place before your child comes home for any issues you may encounter.


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