Our Services

Our Primary Services Are:

Florida home study for domestic, foster, international and embryo adoptions. For international adoptions, our agency is experienced writing for both Hague and non-Hague Convention countries.

Post Placement Visits and Reports that are required after your child is home.

In addition to our Florida Home Study services, we offer to our clients at no additional charge:

  • A complete overview of the Florida adoption process, explaining the different options available to your family based on your specific situation.
  • Guidance in helping you choose the right agency or attorney to complete your chosen Florida adoption plan.
  • Thorough explanation of the financial side of adoption so you are prepared for how much your Florida adoption should cost and can avoid any unnecessary or inflated expenses. There are always unexpected expenses, but we can help you prepare for the unexpected as you put together a financial plan.
  • Resources for adoption grants and tips for applying for adoption grants, as well as other resources for funding your adoption.
  • Referrals to adoption agencies and private adoption attorneys
  • Post placement reports and post adoption visits. Support for questions you may have that are unique to adoptive parenting as you chart this new phase of your life.
  • We cover the entire State of Florida and do not charge for mileage or travel fees.

The world of adoption can sometimes be overwhelming and confusing, so just to clarify:

We specialize in the Florida home study portion of the adoption process, which is the first step and a crucial part to any successful adoption. We don't do child placements, but we work with many wonderful agencies that we can refer you to for both domestic and international adoptions. If you already have an adoption agency, we will work closely with them to make the entire process as seamless as possible for you.

We are not an adoption attorney - but if can refer you to an adoption attorney if you decide this is the right path for you - or we can work together with your existing attorney if you already have one.

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