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Domestic Home Study Paperwork Checklist.

domestic home study Download the Domestic Home Study Paperwork Checklist in PDF format.

The following documents are needed to complete your domestic home study. Please keep a copy of all documents for your records. Please mail your completed documents to our office or give them to your social worker during your home visit.

All items requiring notarization need to have the full notary oath written on them. The full notary oath consists of the notary's signature, stamp, county, state, date, and how the person signing the form is known the notary. The notary can either write personally known to me or produced driver's license number for identification. If the documents are not notarized correctly, the Secretary of State will send them back to you to be notarized again. Here is a link for samples of notary wording.

1. Child Abuse Clearance

download PDF document Child Abuse Clearance Form
This is a form supplied by our agency. Please fill it out and return to Sunshine State Adoption and Home Study Services at 1344 Vassar St., Orlando, FL 32804. Please make sure you fill out both pages. Include all family members, including yourself and your spouse, on the second page.

2. Local Background Check

Go to your local police department or sheriff's department and ask for a notarized or certified copy of a local background check. This is needed for anyone 18 or older in the home.

3. Livescan Fingerprint Clearances

download PDF document Agency Code
Please go to to schedule your fingerprint appointment. Please click on the form above for our agency code. Results are returned to our agency in less than 48 hours, which helps expedite your Florida adoption home study.

4. Medical Report

download PDF document Medical Report Form
Please use the attached medical form. The doctor's signature will need to be notarized. This is needed for anyone 18 or older in the home

5. A Photocopy of your most recent tax return.

6. An Employment Letter

Signed by your supervisor stating your name, position, fill-time or part-time status, length of employment, projected annual salary for the current year, and probability of future employment. The letter will need to be notarized. If you are self-employed, your CPA can write the notarized letter.

7. Financial Statement

download PDF document Financial Report Form

8. Five Letters of Reference

download PDF document Reference Letter Guidelines
One letter can be from a family member. If you are married, you can choose references of people that know you as a couple. Reference letters do not need to be notarized. The references can give you the letters in a sealed envelope or they can be mailed to the office.

9. Photocopies of birth, marriage and divorce decrees.

10. Guardianship Statement

download PDF document Guardianship Form
This form will be signed by you and any other chosen guardians.

11. Affadavit of Good Moral Character

download PDF document Affadavit of Good Moral Character and Addendum
This is needed for anyone 18 years or older in the home.

12. Confidential Home Study Inventory

download PDF document HS Inventory Forms

13. Arrest Disposition

If you have been arrested for any reason, at any age, even if the charges have been dismissed, sealed or expunged, the arrest will need to be addressed in the home study. Your fingerprints will be submitted to the FBI for clearance.

If you have an arrest record, call the Clerk of the Circuit Court in the county where the arrest took place and ask for a certified copy of your arrest disposition or a certified letter stating they no longer have the records on file.

download PDF document Download the domestic Home Study Paperwork Checklist in PDF format.

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