Reading List for Adoptive Parents

27 Sep

Adopting can be a lengthy process and while you are waiting it’s a perfect time to put together a reading list of topics that could be very useful once your child is in your home.  While many people are familiar with the giant tomes written for pregnant mothers, you may need a few ideas on where to start for books

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Guatemala Issues Decree Allowing Families to Finalize Adoptions

16 Sep

In 2007, Guatemala suspended adoptions amid allegations of fraud and deceit, and left dozens of U.S. families who had already been matched with children in limbo.  While the decree is not expected to solve all adoptions that were halted, there are 44 children who will immediately fall under the decree.  Another almost 400 families though are still left hanging. When

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Adoption Fundraising

06 Sep

So you’ve checked your adoption budget a hundred times, run through your finances and dug under the couch cushions for loose change – but you are still coming up short.  What’s next?  Have you thought about fundraising to pay for your adoption?  Adoption fundraising is a way for friends, family and even strangers to help you pay your adoption expenses.

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