Adopting from China

26 May

China has been a popular country for international adoptions since 1992 when China first began allowing adoptions of Chinese children by Americans.  During the 2005 at the peak of China adoptions, 7,906 children were adopted from China.  By comparison, only 3,901 were adopted in 2009.  There are many speculative reasons as to why the slow down, but the bottom line

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Cost of Adoption

19 May

How Much Does It Cost To Adopt? So you’re thinking about adoption.  One of the first questions usually is “How much will it cost?” and secondly “How will we pay for an adoption?”  The cost of an adoption can vary from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.  Discussing the various options with your social worker or

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Starting the Adoption Process

12 May

So you’ve decided adoption is the right plan to add a child, or children, to your family.  But where do you start?  It seems there are so many options:  international, domestic, foster care and embryo adoptions.  And everyone from celebrities to your neighbor has an adoption story to share.  So how do you narrow it down and find the adoption path that

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Get to Know Us!

09 May

Welcome! This is the blog for Sunshine State Adoption and Home Study Services.  We hope that you will check back often, whether you are just starting the adoption process or are already an adoptive parent.  Our focus will be on all aspects of the adoption process, current events and inspiration. You can also “Like” our Facebook page here and for

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Happy Mother’s Day – to ALL mo…

08 May

There are no unwanted children…

08 May