So you’ve read all of the adoptive parenting books – ranging from attachment to cultural diversity.  Your bookshelf is lined with factual, non-fiction tomes on parenting adopted child.  Then you’ve looked for real-life adoptions stories among the thousands of adoption blogs online.  Once you started a scrapbook or working on announcements, you may have combed through quotes or standard, sometimes sappy, poems about adoption.
But have you read anything that broke into your shell as the raw emotion poured out from the words written by adoptive parents, adopted children and poets who are both?  You will.
“Adoption is complicated.  Poetry is complicated….
Poetry:  it inevitably relates to—among others—identity, history, culture, class, race, community, economics, politics, power, loss, health, desire, regret, language, form and genre disruption, love…as well as the absences thereofs.  The same may be said about adoption.”   – Eileen R. Tabios
Poet and adoptive mother Eileen R. Tabios is the curator of a collection of personal stories and poems from poets whose lives have been impacted by adoption in a variety of ways.  She has published this collection online at  While many are adoptive parents or adoptees themselves – the collection isn’t just limited to these groups of authors.  Also included are those with adopted siblings and poets who have experienced a disruption or failed adoption.   One moving entry is written by the daughter of adoption attorney Philip Adams who completed over 5,000 adoptions in his career.  His daughter Kate Adams writes poignantly about her father, who tirelessly devoted his career to helping people be parents.
If you are a poet with an adoption experience, the project is also still looking for additional participants, whether your experience has been positive or negative.  You may be a long time adoptive parent or just starting the journey – either way once you read some of the poems and personal stories in this collection it will give you a new perspective on at least one of the many facets of the complicated world of adoption.