November is celebrated as National Adoption Awareness Month – with the specific day of November 19th designated as National Adoption Day.    While there are many different facets of adoption to be celebrated  – this particular celebration is designed to bring awareness to the many children currently in foster care in hopes of finding them adoptive parents.
The idea of promoting awareness of children in the foster care system first occurred in 1976 under the guidance of Mike Dukakis, who was governor of Massachusetts at the time.  From there, the idea of an “Adoption Week” grew and was recognized nationally by President Gerald Ford.  In 1990, the event expanded to an official month long campaign.  Many states now also conduct their own Adoption Month activities in addition to the national awareness.
Whether you are an adoptive family or not, your efforts can still help build awareness on many levels from your local community to state and national platforms. has put together a tool kit on how to raise awareness with the media and elected officials in your community.
Many families use National Adoption Day as the day to finalize their adoptions.  According to the National Adoption Day website, “more than 35,000 children have had their adoptions finalized on National Adoption Day” since 2000.
Want to get involved?  You can find a list of events on the National Adoption Day website.  Interested in learning more about adopting?  Contact us to get started.